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My passion for acting was sparked in primary school where I got to play Mozart's Queen of the Night when I was 10. The experience to be someone else and live in magical and fantastical worlds beyond belief was life-altering. The freedom we as actors can experience on stage or in front of the camera is unmatched and I cannot imagine my life without it. Hence, I decided to enter acting to free my audience through my performances to the same extent my roles free me from myself.


After finishing school I moved to London in 2016 to study. Both, my Bachelor's and Master's Degree revolved around film studies and post-production, focussing on translation, subtitling and accessibility in film.

In 2021 I enrolled at the ARTRIUM Acting School in Hamburg where I am currently studying and receiving an education in acting, singing, and dance, among other subjects. Here, I am also already part of professional projects, which are listed below.



Date of Birth: 17/04/1997

Height: 1,72m/ 5’6ft

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Seize: 40/42

Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano


German (Native), English (Fluent), French (Basic),  Spanish (Basic)

Age Range: 19-29 

Skills: Horse Riding, Tennis 


Krankheit der Jugend

by Ferdinand Bruckner

Role: Desiree

King’s College London (2017)

Die Physiker

by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Role:  Frau Rose & Herbert Georg Beutler, genannt Newton

King’s College London (2018)


by Georg Büchner

Role: Hauptmann

King’s College London (2019)

Shadow Theatre

by Lisa Wolfert

Role: Queen of Hearts

Artrium, Schauspielschule Hamburg (2021)

Chapeau, chapelier!

by Lisa Wolfert

Role: Puppet

JAK Modeakademie (2021)

Candyman Flashmob

by Lisa Wolfert & Alina Hill

Role: Dancer, Waltz and Jive

Artrium, Schauspielschule Hamburg (2022)

ad slam:
HUgo findet henri

by Veronika Geiß & Rabea Schulte (Höppe)

Directed by: Lukas Scheja

Role: Kutter Karla

AD Slam by the Hamburg School of Ideas,  Grünspan (2022)

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